On this page you’ll find the frequently asked questions. Can’t find an answer on your question? DM me on Instagram or send an email to info@dutchdigitalnomad.nl.

Frequently asked questions

How long do I have access to the learning materials?

You’ll have lifetime access to all the learning materials, including all future updates!

I think it's a pretty big investment...

I understand. I used to look at these kinds of amounts of money the same way. But try to look at it differently. Look at what it brings you instead of what it costs.

If you can have a free life as an online entrepreneur, is it worth that one-time investment?

If you can set up a semi-passive income stream so that you can make money while you travel or sleep, is it worth that one-time investment?

If you can live your dream life, is it worth that one-time investment?

Plus, if you put it in perspective it’s not that bad 😉 You can already earn back the investment by attracting two new clients!

Do I receive an invoice?

Yes! After you complete the payment you will receive an invoice by email. 

Can my employer pay for the online course / coaching program?

Yes, that’s possible. Just send an email to info@dutchdigitalnomad.nl and let me know what program you want to follow.

What about the teaching materials?

Almost all lessons are recorded as video lessons and lead you step by step through the program. In addition, you’ll receive workbooks, manuals and templates. These can all be used on the computer, but you may also print them on paper.

Can I follow the courses on my tablet or phone?

Yes, but I advise to use a laptop. You’ll also get worksheets and templates which are best used on a laptop, but you can watch all the videos in the app on your smartphone or tablet 🙂

Do I need to buy more software when I follow an online course?

If you want to get started with email marketing, I can recommend the MailBlue software. You can first request a free trial period of 14 days.

Are you about to start building a website? Then I can advise you to purchase the Divi theme. This one is super popular and is often used. Ideal for yourself to build a website, but also useful for when you start working for a client.

Do you want to build an online course incl. converting checkout pages? Then the Plug&Pay (check-out) and Huddle (online learning environment) software programs are a good choice.