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“5 marketing strategies for startups,
that allows you to grow
to +10k months”

The live master class is suitable for you as …

✔ you long for a successful business of your own that gives you the freedom to work when and where you want to

✔ you see around you hundreds of different ways you can do business and don’t quite know what will work for you

✔ you want to do business from fun and passion and not get involved in work that “has to” and that you don’t like that much

✔ you don’t want to be uncertain every month about how much revenue is going to come in, but you want a well thought out strategy that allows you to plan for your desired revenue

✔ you want to attract new customers from convenience, without having to “peddle” for customers – that is, you want to have a strategy that works for you

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In this live master class, you will learn …

✔ how I have grown well past 100k per year in a relaxed manner using various marketing strategies

✔ how to achieve more purchases with a strategic sales page

✔ how to make sure customers keep coming back for more

✔ how to make social proof work for you – going beyond standard reviews

✔ how to acquire new leads and customers automatically, without spending a lot of time doing so

✔ how to attract lots of new customers without having to be very visible

✔ what mindset shifts you ‘must’ make to become successful

✔ how to sell without pusher sales, from authenticity

Presented by: Grysilde

I am Grysilde Velstra and since 2019 I have been helping startup entrepreneurs successfully set up and scale their online business.

I have since welcomed over 1520 students to my online learning environment and have helped thousands of entrepreneurs to be with my free content such as the podcast, Instagram and various master classes.

Now it’s time to pass on my knowledge and experience in online marketing and sales to you through this live master class.

I’ve incorporated as much of my 5 years of entrepreneurial experience into the master class as possible, and I’ll share with you, among other things, how I grew past the 100k revenue mark in a relaxed way – with different marketing strategies.

Are you in?

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Do you long for more freedom, revenue and fun?

You want to more freedom.
You want to more earn.
You want to more following your heart.
You want to more making an impact.

But at the same time, you also want less.

You want less stress. Less hassle. Set your alarm clock less often. Feeling less often that you are not getting everything out of life.

You want the freedom to determine where and when you work, but you find that you have to put in far too many hours right now.

You want to grow quickly with your own online business, but aren’t sure exactly how.

You need convenience. Consistency. Effectiveness. A steady stream of customers and income.

Is this you?

Then sign up now for my free (live!) master class“5 marketing strategies for startups that will help you grow to +10k months

and learn with which marketing strategies you can grow your business in a relaxed way.

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