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Learn how to start (and scale!) your own online business, so you get the FREEDOM to work wherever and whenever you want, without worrying about money coming in.

More than 1830 students already chose their dream life. They’re all taking steps toward more freedom!

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Is this you?


You’re done with your soul-sucking 9 to 5 job and working for a boss and you want the freedom to travel the world


You feel that having your own online business can give you the freedom you’re longing for


You want a booming business with a consistent money flow, allowing you to live your dream life without worrying about money coming in


You want to turn your passion into your job and jump out of bed each morning filled with high energy


You want to help a lot of people with your online products and services, but you have no idea how to get new clients


You want to make more money online, without having a full agenda


You want to do business in a way that suits you and you don’t want to do things that don’t feel right


You like to work 1:1 with clients, but you also want to generate semi-passive income and help much more people with your products and services

You want more

You want more freedom.
You want to earn more money.
You want more growth.

But at the same time, you also want less.

You want a less busy schedule. Less stress. Less uncertainty. Spend less time searching for new clients. Working fewer hours.

You want to grow your business (or kickstart it!), but you don’t want to sacrifice your freedom.

You need convenience. Consistency. Effectiveness. Systems that do the work for you, instead of you working your butt off.

Yes? Then it’s time to set up (or scale up) your business in such a way that you can work less hours and make more money.

Imagine that …


… you know exactly how customers’ buying behavior works and you’re never missing out on sales again


… you earn money semi-passively while sleeping, traveling or having drinks with friends


… you know what kind of ads work well on social media and therefore stop losing money on ads


… you have a very strong line of product and services and that’s why customers will not and cannot say ‘no’ to you and they keep coming back for more


… your email lists keeps on growing because of all the people who show interest in your products and services


… you (re)gain complete confidence in yourself and your business


… you no longer have an income cap!! There is no limit to the number of clients you can attract, because you are working with a scalable product!


… you’ll start to enjoy your freedom more and that you’ll have more time to go traveling or spend time with your family


… you no longer have to “hustle” to get clients, because they come to you – completely automated


… you embrace sales and dare to sell without hesitation, giving you a “YES” in a sales call instead of the regular “Let me think about it…


… you can make your biggest dreams come true with your own online business

That’s what she said…

The Online Business Academy is perfect for you if you want to get even more out of your business. In this online course you really dive deep into marketing, sales and growing your business. Not only will you get information on, for example, creating a converting website, but mindset is also covered! This is super interesting!

Grysilde explains everything very clearly, allowing you to apply it into your business right away. Even for people with online marketing experience, the Online Business Academy is a great way to get more out of your online business!

Tamara Belt

Online Business Academy

The Online Business Academy is such a complete online course! From mindset to practical marketing strategies and getting started with an online business… everything you need is in the Online Business Academy. It has everything for me to boost my business and it changes the way I look at it. Regularly I watch a module again (and again), because repetition is key. Grysilde explains it all very well and the way she does that is very accessibly (even for starters!). If you want to take your business to the next level, I definitely recommend the Online Business Academy! Thank you Grysilde for this top notch course!
Eline Haex

Online Business Academy

The Online Business Academy was the perfect way for me to start setting up my own illustration course.

Among other things, Grysilde takes you from A > Z through the process of creating, developing and launching your own online course. The Online Business Academy will give you tips on how you can come up with a brand new course, how to design the format and chapters as well as the different platforms on which you can host your online course.

Moreover, you’ll also learn everything you need to know about succesfully launching your own online course and making semi-passively money with it.

Christa Doel

Online Business Academy

“If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help build theirs”

– Tony Gaskins

Introducing your coach

Who is going to coach you?

Hi! I am Grysilde and I love traveling, delicious food and online marketing. As if freedom seeker I didn’t fit into the 9-to-5 life.

So in 2017 I made the big leap; I started my own business.

It was terrifying though, because I gave up my financial security, my well paying job and so much more.

But sometimes you just feel, “I have to do this.” The frustration and pain of staying in the same situation becomes bigger than the fear of change.

As cliché as it is… I wish I’d done this earlier, because after just a few months I made my first +10k month.

But to be fair… I didn’t achieve this by using clever strategies, but by working hard (aka: I worked more than 60 hours a week).

I knew there was another way to do this.

I’ve tested a lot of strategies and at one point I decided to completely change my business model. I went from billing hourly > to a scalable, hybrid business.

In a matter of time, I achieved the same results (+10k months) with this hybrid business model, but working only a few hours a day!!

The secret is working smarter, letting systems work for you, automating, scaling up and being incredibly clear on your ideal client and your messaging.

And that’s exactly what I want to help you with > setting up and scaling up your business in a way that you get more freedom and earn more money.

What others are saying

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I’m making 14,5k per month! 😊 Yesss! 🥳🥳🥳🥳 That’s amazing! And growing!

Social proof - Online Business Academy

Client #4 is in 😉. And an assignment from my own network. So actually 5 clients! 🤛 Yesss! 5 clients in 2 weeks time ⚡⚡

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Wow! I wanted to let you know that I’m so happy with your course. Last week I launched my own online course and I already sold for more than €5000 😍🥳

OMG! I posted it 30 minutes ago and I already have 4 (sales) requests 😬😬😬 4 new clients in 30 minutes time! 🔥

What to expect


In the Online Business Academy we go from muddling along and a lot of uncertainty > to more sales and freedom! We’ll get to work on marketing strategies, mindset, sales secrets and so much more. This academy is suitable for starters as well as entrepreneurs who’ve been around for a while but want to grow their business.

The Online Business Academy is for virtual assistants, marketeers, (web)designers, photographers, copywriters, coaches, teachers, course creators and so on. Everyone can be a successful online entrepreneur, but you need to know how to play the online business game.

In each module, we focus on a particular topic, which you then work on. You’ll see that there are a lot of modules for every type of entrepreneur and four modules for online course creators. This way everybody can learn how to earn semi-passive income with an online course!

And as a bonus, if you sign up now, you get free admission to the next VIP week including multiple bonuses from experts and the bonus course ‘Digital Nomad Life’ (worth over €1000)

Module 1: Hybrid Business Model

Before we start, we’ll look into what kind of business model suits your dream life. Does a passive income suit you best? Or do you prefer to work a lot of 1:1?

Module 2: Your Why

By knowing your why, you know what drives you. This creates passion and inspiration in your business, so your work never gets boring and you can create the life you want to live.

Module 3: Ideal Customer + Market

Learn who your ideal customer (and market!) is, how to speak to those customers in your messaging and, as a result, attract them more easily.

Module 4: Strategic Products & Services

Learn how to create and sell products and services in such a way that customers can’t say no to your offer and that they keep coming back for more.

Module 5: Create Your Online Course

If you want to create semi-passive income, start selling your own online course. But how do you make an online course? And how do you know if it’s gonna be profitable?

Module 6: Content Creation For Your Online Course

How do you organise all the lessons and modules? How can you edit your video’s and where do you need to ‘host’ them? And we haven’t even talked about the bonusses yet.

Module 7: Publishing Your Online Course

Are you going to make a complete online academy or will you publish your online course on social media? Or maybe even on your own website? And how does this all work?

Module 8: Launching Your Online Course

Launching online courses is a great way to earn a lot of money. But how does this all work? How can you make sure that people are going to buy your online course?

Module 9: Converting Copy

With converting copy, you will much faster generate trust from the reader and they’re more likely to say YES to your offer, because you know exactly what to say to them. In other words, you attract new customers effortlessly!

Module 10: Converting Website

Never miss out on sales again by having a super converting website. We tackle all conversion killers and ensure that your leads are consistently converted into customers.

Module 11: Working With Sales Funnels

Time to start automating! The sales funnel gives you more freedom and free time. You can work fewer hours because the funnel does all the work for you. Are you ready for passive income?

Module 12: Marketing

SEO, social media, Google, advertising and much more will be covered so that you no longer have to chase customers yourself, but customers will come to you!

Module 13: Money Mindset

This module is perfect for entrepreneurs, because we often still have blockages in our money mindset. We’re going to break through these blockages so that you can start breaking through your income ceiling!

Module 14: Pricing And Pitching

Learn how to strategically and confidently set your prices and easily sell yourself and your product and services to your customers. This module includes a life-hack that will change the pricing game forever!

Module 15: I Love Sales

Sales is fun; not scary and annoying. I’ll teach you how to embrace sales, making it one of the most enjoyable things in your business and getting a YES in a sales call instead of the regular “I’ll think about it“.

🎁 Bonus! ➡ Online Course: 'Digital Nomad Life'

The complete Digital Nomad Life course has been added as a bonus to the Online Business Academy! Learn more about the digital nomad life: What are top destinations? How can you buy cheap airline tickets? How do you find housing on location? What about insurance? And more!

But that’s not all, because you also get a VIP week including multiple bonuses from experts (worth > €1,000).

Are you, like the other >1830 students, ready to take a step toward more freedom?

This is your sign

You feel that this is THE time to go all in with your own online business.

You’ve waited long enough to take the next step. You think it’s terrifying (and it probably is), but you are ready for the next step. You feel that your dream is bigger than your fear.

You’re still at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, or you’ve been an online entrepreneur for a while but you’re feeling stuck. You want to grow your business and go sky high.

You don’t want to keep muddling along. You don’t want to invent the wheel yourself. You want to do it right the first time and by now you also realize that you need to invest in certain knowledge in order to achieve bigger results.

You no longer want to do it alone and you’re looking for someone to help you step by step, so you can live and work wherever you want without worrying about money coming in.

And that’s exactly what the Online Business Academy will help you with!

This is your moment

That’s what she said

“The Online Business Academy has really given me ALL the tools I need to create a great online course. It has everything I need and has even helped me succesfully launch my own course!– Saskia Huizer

I still pinch myself in my arm every day because this is my life now! With Grysildes help, I managed to actually get a lot of income out of my online business and I’m incredibly grateful for that!” – Rita Oliveira

I can recommend the academy to everyone. Especially if you have just started your own business, this course will give you a boost! You will make a deep dive into marketing and sales, so soon there will be no secrets for you in the online business world!– Karin Mulder

I quit my last job and started this course! And wow! I can’t wait to start my own online business and work from home or the cute café around the corner. I feel like this is my dream coming true.– Esmee Linders

Are you in?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but …

The Online Business Academy is for...

all service based businesses and entrepreneurs who want to earn passive income with their own online course.

For example: virtual assistants, graphic designers, web designers, photografers, copywriters, coaches, teachers, content creators, online course creators… and so on.

In the Online Business Academy you’ll see that there are a lot of modules for all type of service based entrepreneurs (your why, ideal client, marketing, funnels, website, converting copy, mindset etc.), but there are also 4 modules for online course creators. This way everyone can earn semi-passive income with their own online course.

I'm already an entrepreneur.... am I still getting enough value out of it?

If you’ve been in business for a while, but still feel like you can do better (because you want to attract more clients, or because you want to help fewer clients 1-on-1 and move toward a scalable business with semi-passive income), I’m sure you’re going to get plenty of tips and information from the course that will help you move forward.

As an entrepreneur, you never stop learning. For example, I invest in several courses every year, in the field in which I am already an expert. Why? Because I know that I always get something valueable out of it, with which I can grow my business even more.

When can I start?

When you sign up, you get instant access to the Online Business Academy. All modules are already online, so you can start right away. Do you like to binge watch all the lessons? Be my guest! But you can also watch one lesson or module per week. You’ll get lifetime access, so you can follow the lessons at your own pace!

The next VIP week is from February 1st till 8th, 2023. You’ll get free access to the VIP week when you sign up now.

Do I get lifetime access to the (expert) bonuses?

This varies by bonus. Dutch Digital Nomad’s own bonus (Digital Nomad Life) is available for life. Other experts’ bonuses may have different expiration dates 😉 You can find more information about this on the page in the online academy where you can claim their bonus.

You can “claim” the expert bonuses from February 1st till February 14th, 2023. This is also explained in the learning environment and I will also remind you of this by email.

What is a VIP Week, how long does it last and what can I expect?

The next VIP week is from February 1st till February 8th, 2023.

During this week, you will have access to a private Instagram community. We will dive into the teaching materials together and I will provide you with even more tips and information in the stories and posts on this Instagram account. You don’t have to be on Instagram all day, as the stories are saved in the highlights and the Instagram account remains available for 6 more weeks, so you can take a look at everything in your own time.

The VIP week (in the private Instagram community) is the perfect place to connect with fellow students and create great collaborations. In fact, during such a week you’re not working on your business by yourself, but we do it together.

You also get 4(!) live sessions via Zoom during the VIP week. During these masterclasses and Q&As, you can ask me all your questions.

You don’t have to attend all the live sessions via Zoom, because the live sessions are recorded and will appear in the online learning environment where you can watch everything back for 6 weeks.

Of course, it’s great if you try to be there and participate in the community, because this is the one week when I’m fully available to answer ALL of your questions!

I think it's a pretty big investment...

I understand. I used to look at these kinds of amounts of money the same way. But try to look at it differently. Look at what it brings you instead of what it costs.

If you can have a free life as an online entrepreneur, is it worth that one-time investment of €997?

If you can set up a semi-passive income stream so that you can make money while you travel or sleep, is it worth that one-time investment of €997?

If you can live your dream life, is it worth that one-time investment of €997?

Plus, if you put it in perspective it’s not that bad 😉 You can already earn back the investment by attracting two or three new clients!

I don't think I'm ready yet

Let’s be honest… After all, you’ve read this page for a reason. Do you want a successful online business? Would you like to have more freedom?

Ask yourself the following questions: (1) what will change in the upcoming months if I don’t take action? (2) What will happen to myself and my business if I do take action now? Wat would my business look like in three months?

I can tell you one thing: the perfect moment to start investing in yourself will never come. The right time for action is NOW. If you follow through now, in a few months you will have much more peace and freedom in your business.

What about the teaching materials?

Almost all lessons are recorded as video lessons and lead you step by step through the program. In addition, you’ll receive workbooks, manuals and templates. These can all be used on the computer, but you may also print them on paper.

How long will I have access to the Online Business Academy?

You’ll have lifetime access to all the learning materials, including all future updates!

Can I also pay in installments?

Yes, you can! You can pay in full or in 3 or 6 monthly installments.

Will I receive an invoice?

Yes! After you complete the payment you will receive an invoice by email. 

If you have another question, or if you’re struggling with something, feel free to send an email to and I will get back to you asap.

The choice is yours…


Do you keep muddling along?

In fact, you can choose to keep doing it the way you have been doing it for years. You can keep Googling and figuring everything out on your own, but will that really bring you closer to your dreams and goals? Will that make your online business successful and profitable?


Or do you choose more freedom, growth and money?

In that case, you choose to invest in yourself right now, so you can reap the benefits very soon. In fact, after doing the Online Business Academy, you’ll know exactly how to successfully start and grow your business, allowing you to live your dream life without worrying about money coming in!

Are you in?

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The first new round of the Online Business Academy starts on March 1st, 2023. Put yourself on the waitlist to get the best price!

Are you ready for a new life?

You’re probably at a crossroad in life and it’s time to move on now and choose the lifestyle you want.

You’re tired of the soul-sucking 9 to 5 life and you want to see more of the world. You’re done with having only 10 to 24 vacation days a year. And you don’t want to regret not having tried to set up a successful online business, giving you the freedom to live and work where and when you want.

Nothing will stop you from living your dream life.

This (scroll down) is what my life looks like. And this is also possible for you.

There are already more than 1830 other students in the online academy. Are you ready to start taking steps toward more freedom, growth, revenue and fun?

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