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I’m making 14,5k per month! 😊 Yesss! 🥳🥳🥳🥳 That’s amazing! And growing!

Hey Grysilde, I started the day with good news. Got another client! 🥳 Yesss, amazing!! 🥳🥳 It’s unreal. I’m growing so fast!

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Client #4 is in 😉 And I’m helping someone else as well. So actually 5 clients now 🤛 Yesss, 5 clients in just 2 weeks time ⚡⚡

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I got invited for another freelancer gig!! So now I have 4 matchcalls planned for the next two weeks. I’m so excited!!!

The Online Business Academy is such a complete online course! From mindset to practical marketing strategies and getting started with an online business… everything you need is in the Online Business Academy. It has everything for me to boost my business and it changes the way I look at it. Regularly I watch a module again (and again), because repetition is key. Grysilde explains it all very well and the way she does that is very accessibly (even for starters!). If you want to take your business to the next level, I definitely recommend the Online Business Academy! Thank you Grysilde for this top notch course!
Eline Haex

Online Business Academy

I quit my last job and started with this online course! And wow! I can’t wait to work on my own business, working from home or the café. I learned a lot and the explanations in the course are very clear. I got lifetime access to the Online Business Academy, so I can check out the lessons over and over again. That’s great!

Esmee Linders

Online Business Academy

I wanted to start as a freelancer, so I could work location-independently and not be tied to 25 vacation days a year. Yet, somehow I didn’t dare to start. Until I decided to put all my excuses aside and asked for Grysildes help. I quit my job and started the 1-on-1 coaching program for 3 months.

Grysilde is motivating, sociable and enthusiastic. By the end of the 3 month coaching program, I even had a fulltime salary for that month! I recommend Dutch Digital Nomad’s 1-on-1 coaching program to anyone. Without Grysilde, I could’ve never made such great steps with my business in so little time.

Tamara Belt

1-on-1 coaching

I recommend everyone to follow the Online Business Academy with Grysilde. Especially if you’ve just started your own business and you’ve learned all the basics, this online course literally provides a boost for your business!

You will go deep into the marketing and sales materials and soon there won’t be any secrets for you in the online business world.

Karin Mulder

Online Business Academy

I still pinch myself in my arm every day because this is my life now! With Grysildes help, I managed to actually get a lot of income out of my online business and I’m incredibly grateful for that!
Rita Oliveira

Online Business Academy

When the 1:1 coaching program started, I decided to go all in and quit my 9 to 5 job. I didn’t even know what I wanted to do as an entrepreneur, but I went for it! Now, 3 months later, I work as a Virtual Assistant, I have three great clients and I now earn more money than I earned in my old job! I also learned that if you really want something, you will succeed. This is one of the reasons why I would absolutely recommend the coaching program to others!

Indy Zonnevijlle

1-on-1 coaching

I learned a lot about marketing and sales, why do I do what I do, how to make a good sales plan, how to write good converting copy etc. In the video lessons, Grysilde manages to explain the subject matter very clearly and understandably. You can tell from everything that she has a lot of knowledge about marketing and sales. Besides the content being good, it’s super valuable to me that Grysilde continues to develop in terms of entrepreneurship and personal development. For me personally, that’s an extra reason to work with her.
Marianne Touw

Online Business Academy

The Online Business Academy has really given me ALL the tools I needed to create a great online course.

Grysilde explains all the steps you need to take clearly and in an understandable way. The course is so complete and even helped me launch my own online course very well!!

I am currently developing a new course and have been looking at the Online Business Academy again to create an amzing course myself. For me it’s a big plus that I have lifetime access and that I can continue to watch the modules over and over again.

Saskia Huizer

Online Business Academy

Before I started with the coaching program, I did have a website and a lot of ideas. I didn’t have any clients yet, and that’s why I needed help. I had no idea how to start my business, so that was one of the goals I had with Grysilde.

During the 3 monts 1:1 coaching, I got my two very first clients and I helped them with branding their corporate identities and making flyers for their businesses. I dared to step out of my comfort zone and now everybody knows what I have to offer with my online business.

Thank you so much, Grysilde!

Joy Rigault

1-on-1 coaching

I learned so much in the Online Business Academy. I highly recommended it when you want to start your business as an online entrepreneur, but also when you need to brush up on your knowledge regarding marketing, sales, building a website and so on. Time flew by when I was working through the course. Grysilde explains everything very clearly and her voice is nice to listen to. Moreover, I think it’s great that the lessons are accessible for life. I definitely highly recommended the OBA!

Marinda Berends

Online Business Academy

The Online Business Academy was the perfect way for me to start setting up my own illustration course.

Among other things, Grysilde takes you from A > Z through the process of creating, developing and launching your own online course. The Online Business Academy will give you tips on how you can come up with a brand new course, how to design the format and chapters as well as the different platforms on which you can host your online course.

Moreover, you’ll also learn everything you need to know about succesfully launching your own online course and making semi-passively money with it.

Christa Doel

Online Business Academy

review course creation blueprint 1

I’m so happy with your course. I launched my own online course and I already made €5000 with it! 😍🥳

After our call yesterday I got multiple new clients! 2 web design clients and someone who found me from my ads. It’s amazing! 🙏

I only posted my offer 30 min ago and I already have 4 clients 😁😁😁 Why was I so afraid of starting my business? 😂🤦‍♀️😒 Wow!!! That’s amazing!!!

review course creation blueprint 2

It’s so unreal. On some days I get 4 new clients for my online course!!!

I really think Grysilde is a professional woman! Her courses are top notch from A – Z and she really taught me a lot of skills as a starting entrepreneur. I also reccommend listening to her podcast. She shares a lot of value!!! In short; if you want to grow as an online entrepreneur… then you’re 100% at the right place.
Simone Haans

Online Business Academy

The Online Business Academy is a great course if you want to start setting up your own business but are not so sure where to start, as in my case. The modules and lessons are very well explained by Grysilde and the worksheets, templates and manuals at the end of the modules are very helpful to get a good idea of what you’re working on!

Nina Teweis

Online Business Academy

I have a desire to work as a VA/Digital Nomad and this course is a perfect start for this. I’m now about halfway through the course and so far I love it. Clear content, clear videos and fun assignments that allow you to immediately link theory to practice. I can’t wait to continue the course and look forward to gaining even more knowledge. In addition, Grysilde is easily accessible for questions and you get a quick response. In short, I highly recommend the Online Business Academy!!!
Joyce Michielsen

Online Business Academy

The Online Business Academy is highly recommended. Even without any knowledge in online business, marketing or sales, all of this quickly becomes your second nature when you complete the course. You can do this at your own pace, because you get lifetime access. I’m almost finished with the course and already feel like a professional in several areas of the online business world. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to start for themself in the near future and/or if you want to develop yourself even more.
Tim Zwiers

Online Business Academy

I learned so much during the course. Highly recommend it as a good start to your career as an online entrepreneur, but also definitely to ‘brush up’ on your knowledge regarding marketing, sales and creating your own website etc. Time flew by – it was so much fun! Grysilde explains everything clearly and she is very nice to listen to. Furthermore, I can always go back to the course, because I have lifetime access. I definitely highly recommend it!

Marinda Berends

Online Business Academy

It was such a useful course!! It helped me take the right steps in my business, to grow to the next level. I highly recommend the Online Business Academy for anyone who wants to create an online course. Keep up the good work, Grysilde!

Yolanda Arkesteijn

Online Business Academy

While I’m writing his, I’m in the middle of the Online Business Academy, which, like the knowledge base, is so so so MEGA valuable. After learning all the online skills in the knowledge base (Dutch only), the Online Business Academy will give you all the information you need to actually get started as an online entrepreneur. All in all, I highly recommend this online course!

Sanne Rustenberg

Online Business Academy

Grysilde is a down-to-earth, structured and passionate business coach. She tunes into your needs and desires, creates a structured plan of action and helps you with all your questions. She also directs you where she sees fit and knows how to get things done. I therefore found this program to be very pleasant!

Gabriella Thurkow

1-on-1 coaching

I got a lot of value out of this course! Grysilde explains everything very clearly and motivates you to get started right away!

Sarina Kist

Online Business Academy

It really is a great course that gives you all the tools you need to get started as an online entrepreneur. I would recommend the course to anyone who would like to get started as a digital nomad!

Luciënne Veenstra

Online Business Academy

I bought the Online Business Academy (+ Dutch knowledge base) because I felt there is more to life than working for a boss. This course is so thorough!

From creating logo’s to designing a website. All the basic components are covered in these courses. Grysilde explains it very clearly! She knows what she’s talking about.

The nice thing about this course is that if you can’t remember something, you can always watch the videos again because you have lifetime access.

Lynn Bosten

Online Business Academy