1:1 coaching program
‘Journey To Freedom’

Do you want more freedom and the ability to travel the world fulltime? Start (and grow!) your online business and create your dream life!

1:1 coaching program
‘Journey To Freedom’

Do you want more freedom and the ability to travel the world fulltime? Start (and grow!) your online business and create your dream life!

In the media:

In the media:

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You want more from life

You want more freedom.
You want to earn more money.
You want to follow your heart more often.
You want to make more impact.

But at the same time, you also want less.

You want less stress. Less hassle. Set your alarm clock less often. Feeling less often that you’re not getting everything out of life.

You want the freedom to choose where and when you work, but you don’t want to have a full agenda.

You want to grow quickly with your own online business, but aren’t sure exactly how.

You need convenience. Consistency. Effectiveness. A steady flow of customers ánd income.

I’ll help you set up your business in such a way that you have a rock-solid foundation in place, so you can effortlessly attract new customers. In doing so, we don’t use pushy marketing strategies, but we’ll work in a way that suits you.

Are we a match?

This coaching trajectory is for service based entrepreneurs (like virtual assistants, web designers, graphic designers, photographers, copywriters, marketers, content creators etc.), coaches, teachers and course creators (to be) who don’t feel like inventing the wheel themselves.

You currently have a good job (or your own business), but it still gnaws at you, because you feel like there’s more out there for you.

It may all seem right on paper, but there is a desire you no longer want to ignore. After all, you long for more freedom. More income. More fun.

You no longer want to work for a boss, but you want to work with the nicest clients. You no longer want to set an alarm clock every day, but you want the freedom to work when and where you want.

You don’t feel like putting in 60 hours a week for this, but you want work in a smart way. You want to have an automated, sustainable and authentic business that allows you to make an impact.

With the right help and a good dose of ambition, you know this is right for you.

Together, we’re going to grow your online business. Are you ready for the journey?

1 op 1 traject Dutch Digital Nomad
Social proof OBA

I’m making 14,5k per month! 😊 Yesss! 🥳🥳🥳🥳 That’s amazing! And growing!

Social proof - Online Business Academy

Client #4 is in 😉. And an assignment from my own network. So actually 5 clients! 🤛 Yesss! 5 clients in 2 weeks time ⚡⚡

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Wow! I wanted to let you know that I’m so happy with your course. Last week I launched my own online course and I already sold for more than €5000 😍🥳

OMG! I posted it 30 minutes ago and I already have 4 (sales) requests 😬😬😬 4 new clients in 30 minutes time! 🔥


In four months, we’re going to work intensively on your business and yourself as an entrepreneur. We’ll work on new strategies you can apply in your business, we focus on your mindset, personal growth, automations, sales and much more.

The 1:1 trajectory is flexible to adjusted to your needs and wishes.

During the initial kick-off session we will discuss what help you’ll probably need the most, and based on that we will determine the next steps you can take in your journey. This is where we’ll work on for four months.

In the 1:1 coaching trajectory you get:


Online kick-off session

In this 1,5 hour kick-off session, I’ll get to know you and your business in detail (if you already have a business). What help do you need the most in the upcoming months? After the kick-off session you already have a plan to work on for the upcoming weeks.


Access the the online academy

You’ll get lifetime access to all the online learning materials in the academy and you can join all the extra group coaching sessions during your 1:1 coaching months.


Online coaching every 2 weeks

In a 30-45 min call we look at how you are doing, what topics still need attention and of course you can ask me ALL your questions!


24/5 WhatsApp Support

Can’t figure something out? Need feedback? Or want to vent? If so, I’m just an email or WhatsApp away. You don’t have to wait till our next online coaching session. I’m right there, you’ll have a coach on demand!

Because of your tip, my husband and I both got a new copywriter gig 🥰 And it looks like we’ll get much more work from this client 🥰

After our call yesterday I got multiple new clients! 2 web design clients and someone who found me from my ads. It’s amazing! 🙏

Tomorrow I have a call with a possible client. Oh wow! That’s your third client in 1 week time? 😮🤩 Yes, it’s crazy! Haha, you’re on FIRE 🔥🔥

review course creation blueprint 2

It’s so unreal! On some days I get 4 new clients for my online course!!!

Now what?

Do you feel that you no longer want to work for a boss and that you want to have a successful online business, giving you the freedom to work when and where you want?

You’ll probably don’t want to work your butt off and it’s likely that you want to learn from someone who has walked this path before.

After all, you don’t feel like working 10x harder. You don’t want to compromise on your freedom. You want to make your business work for you and make more sales – without working more hours.

Key for this kind of growth is working smarter. Optimize your strategies. Be really sharp in your message. And I’m happy to help you with that.

Schedule a free matchcall and then we’ll look at where you are, where you want to go and what it will take to get there. In doing so, we will also immediately see if the 1:1 trajectory is a good fit for you.

Note: The 1:1 coaching trajectory is not suitable for everyone. It perfect for you when…

✓ you’re not afraid to invest in yourself and your business (this 4-month trajectory costs €4.000 excl. VAT)

✓ you offer online services and/or sell online programs or coaching programs (or plan to do so soon)

✓ you want to grow your business, without giving up your freedom and free time

FREE matchcall

That’s what she said

When the 1:1 coaching program started, I decided to go all in and quit my 9 to 5 job. I didn’t even know what I wanted to do as an entrepreneur, but I went for it! Now, 3 months later, I work as a Virtual Assistant, I have three great clients and I now earn more money than I earned in my old job! I also learned that if you really want something, you will succeed. This is one of the reasons why I would absolutely recommend the coaching program to others!

Indy Zonnevijlle

1:1 coaching

Grysilde’s 1-on-1 coaching program is truly a must for the starter as well as already established entrepreneurs who really want to start making impact now. 

I really think Grysilde is a professional woman! Her courses are top notch from A – Z and she really taught me a lot of skills as a starting entrepreneur. She shares a lot of value!!! In short; if you want to grow as an online entrepreneur… then you’re 100% at the right place.

Simone Haans

1:1 coaching

I wanted to start as a freelancer, so I could work location-independently and not be tied to 25 vacation days a year. Yet, somehow I didn’t dare to start. Until I decided to put all my excuses aside and asked for Grysildes help. I quit my job and started the 1-on-1 coaching program for 3 months.

Grysilde is motivating, sociable and enthusiastic. By the end of the 3 month coaching program, I even had a fulltime salary for that month! I recommend Dutch Digital Nomad’s 1-on-1 coaching program to anyone. Without Grysilde, I could’ve never made such great steps with my business in so little time.

Tamara Belt

1:1 coaching

As a coach, Grysilde is kind, understanding and a role model. She can think strategically well but also from feeling. And the fact that she wanted to review my work after the process was already over also showed that she really goes the extra mile for her coachees and I really appreciated that! When I’m ready to set up a scalable business model, I’ll know where to find her again 🙂

During the 1:1 trajectory, I got my first three clients and am now working with a fourth. Besides now having a fulltime income, my mindset has also grown tremendously.

I still pinch myself in my arm every day because this is my life now! I used to see work as punishment and the weekend/holiday was my reward, but now I genuinely enjoy every day, whether it’s a Monday or a Saturday. I find entrepreneurship super fun to do and also earn money to be able to go wherever I want. This has been my dream for years and thanks in part to your help, it is finally a reality!

Rita Oliveira

1:1 coaching

Before I started with the coaching program, I did have a website and a lot of ideas. I didn’t have any clients yet, and that’s why I needed help. I had no idea how to start my business, so that was one of the goals I had with Grysilde.

During the 3 months 1:1 coaching, I got my two very first clients and I helped them with branding their corporate identities and making flyers for their businesses. I dared to step out of my comfort zone and now everybody knows what I have to offer with my online business.

Thank you so much, Grysilde!

Joy Rigault

1:1 coaching

Hi, I’m Grysilde…

and I help starting entrepreneurs and freelancers set up a scalable online business. This allows them to both work deeply with 1:1 clients, but also start earning passive income by selling their own online course.

My own entrepreneurial journey began in 2017 as an online marketer and web designer – and I grew really fast.

Not by using smart strategies, but by working my butt off. This resulted in me making my first +10k month as an online entrepreneur within just a few months. However, it took over 60 working hours a week.

I was quite sure there would be a different way to earn money.

After months and months searching for the right strategy, I decided to completely change my business model in 2019. I went from hourly billing as a freelancer to a scalable business model with passive income streams.

In no time I’d achieved the same results with this business model, but working only a few hours a day for it.

So the secret is working smarter, making systems work for you, automating, scaling and being incredibly clear on your target audience and message.

You don’t need a complete team for that. And you don’t need big marketing budgets. You can do it all by yourself. With a little help from a business coach and a rock-solid strategy.

Running an online (hybrid) business – and making it successful – can be very easy and stress free. As long as you know what to do.

And that’s exactly what I can help you with!

Over Grysilde - Over Dutch Digital Nomad

Remember that gig I told you about? I just got invited for a match call!! Now I have 4 calls planned with possible clients in the coming weeks. I’m so excited!!

Started the day with good news. Just got another client 🥳 Yes!! 🥳🥳🥳 You’re on a roll! Yes, it’s so unreal. I’m so happy that we started working together 😄

I’ve grown so fast since I’m working with you! For months I told myself to take action, but now I’m finally doing it. Thanks for the kick in the butt!

This trajectory was amazing and your feedback was spot on. Moreover, it’s amazing that I have lifetime access to the online academy. But I know for sure that I will be back for another trajectory in a while 😁

Okay, but …

What will we work on during the trajectory?

This varies per person, because we focus on what YOU need to achieve your goals.

In the 1:1 trajectory, we focus mainly on strategy, but also on mindset, so you can really grow on all fronts. This means I’ll help you in everything business-wise.

Topics might include getting your offer and message clear, market positioning, writing converting sales pages, rock-solid marketing strategies (webinars, funnels, podcasts, working with a lead list, etc.), strategic content, converting sales calls and so on.

What makes this trajactory different from others?

The engagement! This 1:1 coaching trajectory isn’t a disguised group program, but really an involved 1:1 trajectroy in which we work together.

You can ask me 24/5 questions and ask for feedback on all the things you want feedback on. Usually I respond within a few minutes. I like to move quickly so you can move on as well and not be left with questions for a long period of time.

I also have a maximum number of entrepreneurs that I coach, which allows me to truly deliver the best quality and be involved in your journey as an entrepreneur.

I'm not an entrepreneur yet. Is 1:1 coaching a smart move?

I coach both starters (i.e. people who have never had their own business) and established entrepreneurs (who currently work primarily as freelancers and are looking for more freedom and higher income).

As a result, I can provide you with excellent help at the start of your journey, but also as you grow as an entrepreneur. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to work with different coaches when you reach another new level in your business, but I can continue to help you in this process.

What I do demand of starters is that you’re ready to pursue your dreams and want to go for next-level success. Also, it should already be somewhat clear to you what you want to do (for example something with marketing, something in photography, something with coaching or you name it). If you have absolutely no idea what you would like to do as an entrepreneur, I recommend making that choice first.

Why do I have to answer questions for the matchcall?

1:1 coaching isn’t just for everyone. I want to make sure that you’re going to get a lot of value out of my coaching and that we’re a good fit for each other. In addition, time is more precious than money these days, so I want to make sure we can make the best use of our time during the call.

I don't think I'm ready yet....

Let’s be honest… After all, you’ve read this page for a reason. Do you want a successful online business? Would you like to have more freedom?

Ask yourself the following questions: (1) what will change in the upcoming months if I don’t take action? (2) What will happen to myself and my business if I do take action now? Wat would my business look like in three months?

I can tell you one thing: the perfect moment to start investing in yourself will never come. The right time for action is NOW. If you follow through now, in a few months you will have much more peace and freedom in your business.

Where does the matchcall (and coaching) take place?

Both matchcall and coaching sessions always take place online. Perfect for those who want to live a digital nomad life 😉

What is the investment and is a payment plan possible?

The investment in the four month 1:1 trajectory is €4.000 ex VAT (or if you want to pay in monthly installments 6 x €709 ex VAT).

What others are saying

I had no idea where and how to start my journey as an entrepreneur. I couldn’t even figure out what services I would like to offer. So I could use some help from someone who had walked that path before.

Grysilde is smart and down-to-earth, I like that. No beating around the bush, but clear and straight to the point.

In terms of mindset, I have grown bizarrely! The idea of “What’s the worst that can happen?” ensures that I don’t just give up. I know myself as a quitter when things aren’t going fast enough, but since I started, I haven’t thought for a second about quitting. Furthermore, I even quit my 9 to 5 job and now I’m a fulltime entrepreneur!

Sabina Donselaar

1-on-1 coaching

I’d been setting up my business for a while, but noticed I needed a coach. Therefore, I didn’t have to think long before asking Grysilde for help. After all, I already knew that Grysilde had all the knowledge to make a business into a success. And how great is it, to get help from someone who has already gone through the exact same steps once before!

I am really really really grateful to Grysilde. Because of her coaching I’ve really been able to make great steps with my business!

Karin Mulder

1-on-1 coaching

I wanted to start for myself but had no idea how.

The trajectory has given me several wins. In terms of the process itself, I learned a lot: I now know which steps I need to take to choose for myself, and I also learned to take a good look at what I really want to do and for whom (target audience). Also, in terms of portfolio, I’ve benefited a lot from Grysildes tips. It’s just really nice to be able to talk to someone about this. I now have everything I need to move forward independently. In addition, I also made great progress on the mindset part. Now I dare to take really big steps.

I would definitely recommend the trajectory to others. Grysilde has so much value to share, it really helped me!

Cindy Püttman

1-on-1 coaching